• How Ammon Cunningham Sees Canyonlands National Park

  • Posted on October 15, 2017
  • As far as avid traveler and prolific writer Ammon Cunningham is concerned, his home state of Utah is a lot more than a great place to live, it’s also a great place to visit. That is why he considers Utah to be a potential top destination for travelers from everywhere else in the world. Because he likes to share what he knows about traveling in Utah, he likes to write about some of the greatest destinations in his home state. That is why Ammon Cunningham wants to tell everyone about Canyonlands National Park.

    Located in the southeast corner of Utah, Ammon Cunningham knows why Canyonlands National Park is considered the Utah version of the Grand Canyon. For one thing, it is because the views from the amazing vistas overlooking the carved canyons below are nothing short of spectacular. He same can be sad about the breathtaking views of snowcapped mountains in the distance. Put simply, there are many reasons why Canyonlands deserves the comparisons to its larger cousin.

    Of course, the views from the entrance of the park can’t be enough to encourage more that 600,000 tourists to visit the park every year and it’s unlikely to encourage them to travel thousands of miles to do so. There are several other districts, like Mesa Arch, which are more remote but worth the hike. Mesa Arch is stunning during sunrise hours, while the White Rim Road, which is a bit farther out, is a dirt road that wends its way along sheer cliffs and dramatic drops as it descends into the deep valley below. The Island in the Sky section of the park, which features a Visitors' Center, is also enormously popular, and the Needles District and the Maze offer something a little different. For any of these, be sure to wear your hiking boots, but you won’t regret making the efforts. Ammon Cunningham also wants you to know Canyonlands National Park is a popular recreational destination because both Green River and the Colorado River run through it, drawing swimmers, kayakers and whitewater rafters to exciting trips.

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